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Amazing Friends and Routine Rediscovered

I have always claimed to be so blessed by the friends I have made in my life. Some of them are only friends for a short time - a year or two - and then they wander away for a variety of reasons. They always leave me richer for having known them and whether we part in friendship or anger, I'm still grateful for their influences while we were friends. Why speak of this today? Because I received the most amazing and unexpected gift from a friend in Germany who I've never met except on-line and I had to share my good fortune.

A network of friends can make life so interesting and fun!

Hans is a jeweler of exceptional talent who I met on a chat board that both of us (and 1000's of other jewelers) belong to. For some reason or other, we clicked. At that time he was living the tropical life in Saint Martin in the Caribbean, designing and selling to tourists and living in a land where things got fixed - eventually - and bribes were a constant. Finally having saved up enough money, he and his lovely wife placed everything on ship and moved - a big move. They ended up in Dusseldorf, Germany where after extensive hunting they found and fixed up a lovely shop and opened for business. The year was a hard one - first years of business usually are, but they are finally starting to see some payback for their bravery and he is making exceptional jewelry again.

I love it! If you're in his area, check out his store -
AHM Creations in Dusseldorf, Germany

He sent me a wonderful convertible pendant/bracelet made from copper with brass and turquoise accents as a very unexpected Solstice gift and I am absolutely thrilled. For years I have lusted after his jewelry. His skills are so much above my own and his vision and design expertise is exceptional. To hold one of his pieces in my hands, I am beyond grateful. What a fantastic way to begin my New Year.

Aren't we all creatures of habit?

And, speaking of New Year, I also must say how happy I am to be back into a routine. I loved having my four days off, but sitting in my chair at my local coffee shop yesterday, eating my oatmeal and then writing more of my S-V story, it came to me that I was so happy. I am back to the treadmill, back to reasonable food, back to writing fiction every day and back to linking with my friends and e-friends throughout the world and I couldn't be happier. Darn - I guess I'm a creature of habit after all!
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What an exquisite piece! That is a very lovely gift. Talking of international deliveries, your Solstice card finally arrived -- thank you so much, and the snowflakes were a happy addition (we can dream, yes) Specially liked the way the ribbon finished things off.

Isn't it wonderful we're all so different *g*? Too much routine makes me very twitchy. That probably comes from some of the rather strange jobs I've had down the years.
Isn't the copper piece simply marvelous? I am so fortunate in my friends.

I'm delighted that my Solstice card arrived. I never expect timely delivery of them, only require that I have them in the mail before the date of the holiday. Then they can take their time arriving because they'll brighten days when they show up :-) I'm thrilled that you enjoy this year's card. I'm already putting thought into next holiday's design - LOL.

Without routine I get nothing done. It's why I can write, do my artwork, operate a business, and sometimes even keep my DH happy (although that's a crap shoot). I am a very organized person, at least in my creative life. My physical space could use a lot of organizational help - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
It is really a lovely gift. :)

And I forgot to tell you - I received your card a few days ago. :) It is so beautiful, marvelous, awesome - I love it! :) Don't ever say that your skills aren't great.
Oh, I am delighted with the gift and am wearing it proudly today. It was so unexpected and so very welcome.

Yippee! So happy that you got my card and that you enjoyed it. Only the best thoughts for 2013 were sent along with my cards. Have a fabulous year ahead of you, my dear! (And thanks for your very kind words on my artistic skills.) *hugs*

- Erulisse (one L)
What a lovely gift. Unexpected ones are always such a pleasure - and such a beautiful one is even better.
I was completely floored. He had told me he was sending me something when I got his address for my Solstice Card, but I never expected something so amazing!

- Erulisse (one L)
I love how our circles of friends have expanded to include so much of the world. What a blessing.
Friends are the VERY best thing about today's electronic world. I would never have met many of my friends in virtual or real life without having met them first over the virtual airwaves. So kewl.

- Erulisse (one L)
The pendant is lovely; very simple and understated.

And yes, habit can be good. I prefer knowing what is ahead for the day (more or less) since I grew up in chaos. Chaos is highly over rated as a lifestyle let me tell you! LOL
Isn't is simply amazing?!? I'm thrilled beyond belief.

I am a creature of habit, although not as ingrained and unable to move with change as much as DH is.

- Erulisse (one L)
I am, and it's allowing me to be productive in my writing again as well as allowing me to begin working on the stencils for my LOTR painted shoes.

Routine can be good, as long as I don't over-depend on it.

- Erulisse (one L)
Some of these are a little belated, but:
- Happy new year!
- Thanks for the LJ holiday gingerbread man. =]
- Congrats on the publication of Dragonthology!
- What a lovely present.
Late good wishes are never truly late because they are always welcome.

Happy and Blessed New Year back to you :-)

My pleasure for the gingerbread man. Perhaps next year you will also allow me to send you a Solstice card. Or not - whatever makes you happy.

Thanks for the congrats. If you're feeling energetic, please click "like" on the Amazon page to help us get a higher ranking :-)

Isn't my gift just amazing? I am in love. Too, too happy!!!!

- Erulisse (one L)
Lovely gift! Unexpected ones are the best!
I am glad you are happy and back into routine.
Routine is something that I fight against, but I also realize that if I really want to have time to play with my art and my writing, I have to concede that routine can be my friend. It's nice to be back in the groove again.

Hans' gift left me totally speechless. I wore it to work today and received many compliments.

- Erulisse (one L)
That is beautiful!I cherish the meteorite you sent me and this year received a wonderful photo calendar of illustrations to my stories!
I loved sending the meteorite fragments to my friends last year - it just seemed like such a perfect gift. And the photo calender seems like something that's just perfect for you. How truly marvelous and thoughtful a gift for you to have received and how cherished it must make you feel (for very good reasons, I might add *hugs*).

- Erulisse (one L)