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Firm Date for Dragonthology

So the publisher has come to us with a firm date for the publication of Dragonthology, which will be available as a Kindle Loan Book for 90 days, so we're hopeful that we'll get some good lends as well as purchases over the time span. Amazon is not accepting pre-orders (yet) so we just have to be patient until...

JANUARY 3rd....January 3rd....hmmm, was that January 3rd?

OK, I know...obnoxious? Yeah, a bit. But publicity is part of my author contract, so you'll be getting some. I also have friends who have asked to be kept in the loop, and my blog is how I do that. So...January 3rd.

The publishers and some of the authors will be doing a round of blog publicity for the book. I may end up doing some of that also, but I also will be posting one more Dragonthology only post after it has been released as well as setting up a page on my website devoted to it.

It's really been a trip working on something other than beadwork projects and instructions. With my design articles, etc., once I turned them in I had no control and wasn't even able to edit them. Thus - errors occurred and some of the directions, after the magazine's edits, were actually inaccurate. But this has been so different. I had a chance to edit twice, once for substance and once for line edits, and other people also edited, so that I feel fairly confident that we are putting our best possible product out there in front of the public. All of a sudden, I'm really proud of a piece that carries my name.

Well, enough horn blowing for now, I have to get back to work on Slashy Valentine and my novel....
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