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Classes and Scheduling

 Well, today is the day for class registration for Bead & Button Show. My Manager, who usually has Tuesdays off, will work for me for a couple of hours so that I can go home and register from there. I could register from the shop now that I have internet service there, but my chances of being uninterrupted at home are much greater and I want to get on-line when registration opens, get my classes chosen and purchased, and get off-line and back to the shop. I don't want to waste any time. The roads shouldn't be a problem today, we just got a dusting of snow yesterday, so this should be relatively fast. Now if I can just get the three classes that I want...

Bead & Button Show

And, due to the good influence of Surgical Steel and Clodia (and some other on-line friends of mine), I decided to see if I could read my Nook while working on the treadmill this morning. Success! I was indeed able to read while working out, and even though I know that I will be building my speed higher, which may make it a bit more difficult, it was at least a first step. I really need to build exercise back into my life. I used to exercise daily on either the treadmill or the bowflex, and I really miss it. I would like to lose some weight again, and I am tired of looking like a matron and would like to get my figure back under control. I make a poor Hobbit and would rather be more elf-like. So, I have to be kind to myself and work on it. So, Day 1. Many days to come, but every journey begins with one step.
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