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An Ode to Weekends

 Well, the title is a bit inaccurate, since I don't get a full weekend (I work on Saturdays), but having my Sunday off is a wonderful thing. We didn't do very much yesterday, and that's the glory of having a day off. I allowed myself to sleep in until 9 am - since I usually get up at 3:30 am, that was a lot of extra sleep. Then DH and I played Lord of the Rings Online for a few hours - he needed a second to achieve a couple of quest goals. After dressing we visited my Father in Law for a short time - one of us goes to visit him every day.


This is a skirmish, but I'm not exactly sure of the
location. I do spend a lot of time playing LOTRO,
but I love it.

Speaking of my Father in Law, today is his 93rd birthday. So, Happy Birthday to Fred. He doesn't have a computer and won't read this, but I'll wish him a cyber greeting anyway.

Birthday Dog

Happy Birthday to Fred - 93 years old today!

After leaving my FIL's house, we decided to treat ourselves to a drink and dinner. We had a nice time at the bar watching football, and then decided to totally pig out at Old Country Buffet for dinner. I ate wisely, my DH overate (bad boy), but we came back home, played some more LOTRO while watching more football, and relaxed for the evening, me with my nose in my Nook reading fanfic, and he with his nose in the newspaper. It was a great day. Nothing was really accomplished, we didn't do anything earth-shaking, and sometimes those days are a relief to experience.
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Sounds like a perfect lazy day. I love those days too, they are precious!

I've never played LOTRO, I'm not good with video games, perhaps because I've never tried too hard...
I play because it is LOTRO. Just seeing places like Weathertop and Rivendell is like a dream come true. My DH is much more focused than I am and his cadre of sturdy, dependable Dwarves have carried my Elves through some very sticky places.

- Erulisse (one L)
No, it is its' own world. You could see quite a few screen shots just by Googling images for LOTRO and then specifying The Shire, Weathertop, Rivendell, whatever. The best part is actually being there - running from Michel Delving to Hobbiton, seeing the Party Tree, wandering the Lone Lands to the Last Bridge. It's extraordinary and so rich in detail.

- Erulisse (one L)