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Studio Day and Final Card Callout

Let me start out with this. If I have sent you a Solstice Card in the past and you want one this year - Email or PM me your address. No address - no card. Simple. I'll be working on these like a crazy person for the next three weeks and should be able to stuff them into the mail just before the Solstice. At least, that's the ideal. I love making these, I love sending these, and I don't require a card in return. But I do require an address...I know...such a concept - LOL.

I have two main goals for today - working on my Solstice Cards and doing beta work for Lai. I'm spinning around on one of her chapters and I really need to get over it, dive in, and just do it! I feel remarkably uninspired today, though, so I don't think I'll be doing a lot of writing on my own stories today. My LOTR Community GenFic Holiday Exchange piece is coming along well, but I'll push it off until tomorrow because my cards have to take the forward platform today. I need to have things cutting out by the late afternoon.

The class catalog for the 2013 Bead & Button Show arrived on Monday and I've been going through it to figure out what classes I might want to take. I have to balance the desire against the pocketbook - not always an easy task. Fortunately registration isn't until January 8, but I do need to get my hotel reservations nailed. Just waiting for a firm schedule from Shruti before I can do that. It will be so much fun to share space with my friend from Delhi, India again :-) She's such a talented and generally fun person to be with and we always have a good time. Bead & Button Show is quite different that the shows we've shared in the past, but I think she'll have a tremendous time and I always attend and have since the mid-1990's, so it's always like returning home again for me. Good Times Ahead!
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