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Keeping Positive

I'm working hard on staying positive even though at this time of the year I'm operating on a tank that is rapidly approaching empty. I am 75% finished with my LOTR Community Gen Yule Fic, so I'm comfortable where I am with that. Maybe I'll continue working on that this morning instead of working on my novel, just for a change of pace. I have started looking at what I want for the design of my solstice cards (ARE YOU ON MY LIST? I'D LOVE TO SEND YOU ONE BUT YOU HAVE TO MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR ADDRESS) and I'm into the next edit with my "Dragon" story (thank goodness for editors and the opportunity to look over a piece from a distance of time). I'm still walking at least four days a week on the treadmill (should really increase that to at least five days a week) and I'm losing weight which makes me happy. So...why aren't I turning joyful somersaults for my life? Good question.

The holidays are a tough time of the year for everyone, and one of those times which is famous for extreme depression. I'm trying to stay out of those ruts; I've walked them too many times in the past. But I also know that it's very easy to fall back into them. So, I'm focusing on my schedule and I'm focusing on smaller goals that can be achieved. Because when I do that, when I allow myself to have small accomplishments, I can keep the depression at bay and enjoy the smaller beauties of life.

The sunrises...

The flight of birds...

The love of others...(these two guys are just too
beautiful not to share)

These are my bulwarks against the insanity of the season. I hope they are of help to you as well.
*sends you great warm, loving hugs* Just cuz.

We never did that whole 'holiday' thing except maybe once that I recall so I don't fall into the programmed "holiday depression" that is supposed to be our lot in life. Family, for me, never did consist of mom/father/sister/brother et. al. so I don't think of my life or life style as not normal so I enjoy the season, and ignore the "holidays". Well, except for Solstice. Sol Invictus is awesome and at the deep dark depths of the year a great way for me personally to connect with the rest of the universe. i.e. The Dark does not Win. LOL

**looks up, notices the music choice** Loooooves Korsakov!

Be well sister.
My parents were Jewish by birth and upbringing and atheists by choice, so they didn't do the religious thing for the holidays, but I did sometimes and always enjoyed it. We would usually gather at my aunt or my godmother's house for a nice meal and gift exchange on Christmas Eve and that was always fun.

Now that I am adult and my nieces and nephews are older, some with children of their own, I don't have them over any more and I'm just fine with that. I've become a bit insular as I grow older and reach out more on a cyber than RL basis.

You are absolutely correct - the Dark cannot win, the Light must prevail.

Delighted that you like Rimsky-Korsakov. I've loved his music for decades and it's fun to play too.

Lovin' the warm hugs :D

- Erulisse (one L)