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Many Thanks

It's been a turbulent year and as I approach Thanksgiving, a day that I do commonly call "Turkey Day", I did want to take a short amount of time for reflection and true thankfulness because sometimes a person needs to do that. So...here I go.

Thank you for unfriending me -
OK, I know that sounds totally strange. Why thank anyone for unfriending someone when it is supposed to be a cutting of the Gordian Knot, an end of friendship, a cessation of commentary and interplay. Well, although I miss three of the five people who decided they were no longer interested in me, I still gained from them and the time they had taken with me in earlier times to improve my writing. There are two people that I really don't miss and wouldn't consider refriending in the future, but three that I would happily open the doors for once more, as stupid as that might be. Don't worry though - I doubt the occasion will arise.

Thanks for inspiring me -
There are several people on this list who have been tremendous support and inspiration to me throughout this year. People that I truly can't imagine being without in my life at this point. People that I would go out on a limb for and try to help in any way I possibly could if they sent out a call for assistance. These are the people that make the effort worthwhile. These are the people that I write for and that I blog for. These are my friends and they are amazingly diverse, talented and creative people.

This lovely picture is by Nik Helbig

Thanks for having my back -
There are friends I have had for years - many, many years. Some I grew up with, some I met in school, some I chased after, others chased me. They are my best friends, the ones who know where all the bodies are buried. Some even go back to those horrid days when my mental stability was anything but stable. They are my foundation, my support, and the ones who lift me back up when I fall down. As I grow older I try to be more careful about those emotional pratfalls, I've learned that the ground beneath a prone body is deadly and dark. They are always there to hold out their hands and help lift me back up. I wouldn't be here without them.

And finally, thanks for being my very best friend -
As many times as my DH drives me crazy, as many times as we communicate badly and seem to operate at cross purposes, he's been my best friend since we began sharing a house in 1977 and as many times as he's had me in tears, he's pulled me out with humor and love. I've been completely blessed to share his life - at least most of the time - LOL.

And so, I wish each of you a very joyful Thanksgiving. Forget the Pilgrims and the Indians, the genocide of America and the over-commercialization of the holiday. Concentrate on what it really means. It is the giving of Thanks, and that is well worth a day and a turkey. 
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