engarian (engarian) wrote,

Running in Place

 I generally rather like Comcast (my cable TV and cable internet supplier). But today was MORE than frustrating. I awoke at my usual time (3:30 am - OK, I know I'm crazy, whatever...) and went down to my computer. I noticed that it had not performed it's daily backup which I have scheduled for 3:00 am. After checking to see that my settings were correct, I checked my network connection. That's where the problem was. After resetting the router a couple of times, I still wasn't connecting to the internet, so it was time to call Comcast. Apparently there was an "emergency maintenance issue" that came up and the entire Twin Cities area was out of the loop for the time being. They said that they hoped it would be fixed by 4:00 am (it was already slightly almost 4:00 am when I called them), but it would be up by 5:00 am if not earlier. I decided to allow myself to sleep for another 30 minutes, so went up to crash on the couch. After 30 minutes, I got up again, checked the internet again, and still nothing. Back to the couch for another 30 minutes. Got up, checked again - still no internet. By now it was a little after 5:00 am. I took my shower, thinking that maybe after that it would be functional. No - no internet. So I telephoned them again, and got a confirmation that the problem was still going on, still affecting everyone, and that it shouldn't be too much longer.

Happy Dance

I'm dancing a happy dance.

The next thing I decided to do was file paperwork and begin paying the bills that I need to pay today. But, after filing my bills, I glanced over at my computer and noticed that my network signal seemed to be green instead of red. So, I checked it out, and amazingly enough, my internet is back. I'm 2-1/2 hours behind schedule and I probably won't actually catch up until Thursday, but at least I have my internet again. I'm dancing a happy dance.
Tags: computer, internet, repair

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