March 18th, 2021

Tolkien, artist

Paperwork and Hoops To Jump Through

We had a meeting with our accountant last night for our personal income taxes. While DH sat next to me fussing and organizing his paperwork, I went through the stack I had prepared one-by-one with Paul, handing him the receipts for banking, specialized accounts, charitable donations (all mine, of course), and other detail paperwork. I handed over my stack and I was done. DH was still organizing. But he got things together quickly, handed Paul the rest of the paperwork - investment information, his own banking information, etc., and then we were done. Easy, peasy. We got back home and the chicken I had taken from the oven just before we left was still toasty warm.

The IRS pushed back the filing dates for corporations
and now have also pushed back the filing date for
personal income tax returns. Will the state follow suit?
It would certainly make things easier, but we're
already almost ready to file anyway.

The IRS has pushed back their deadline for income tax filing. Of course, we have no idea if our state has also decided to follow the federal change. All too often the state does what it wants, despite or in spite of the federal guidelines. But, at least we're ready to go.

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