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Technology in the Sporlight

 So the annual Tech show is taking place in Las Vegas this week and every national television network has their pundit attending and reporting on the next "hot" items. Tablet computers are highly prevalent, 3-D is everywhere, both with and without glasses, and the announcement of Star Wars 1-6 being available on Blu Ray next year took the stage with Darth Vader and storm troopers taking over the convention center. Eventually all of the high-tech items that are being debuted or proposed in Las Vegas will trickle down to the common man - namely me. But fortunately, at this time, the highest tech that I'm happy to participate in is my standard computer (which is old, old, old) and my Nook Color.

Darth Vader

I don't have a Blu-Ray player, and even if I did, I wouldn't
bother with Star Wars 1-3. But Star Wars 4-6 is tempting
since the best of the series, #5 "The Empire Strikes Back"
is in that group. Gotta love Darth Vader.

And my nose just can't manage to pull itself out of my Nook. I'll blame that solidly on my friend Surgical Steel. She had the audacity to write a novel that she calls "The King's Surgeon" and I am so pulled into the story that I awakened several times last night wishing that I could forgo sleep and go back to reading. I'm more than half-way through it now and will finish it today, probably, and then I'll probably read it again. You put together a great story here, Surgical, and pulled me completely into your characters. I haven't enjoyed a book so much in a long time and that's made me very happy, even if I'm not getting as much sleep because Serinde has invaded my dreams as well as my waking time. I just want to finish my computer work as quickly as possible and get back to her story. That's the mark of a good novel.
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