December 17th, 2012

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Dragonthology Update

So it's getting real - Dragonthology now has a cover and author blurbs to share with all of you and a publishing target of January 2013. We (the authors) just received the final text for line-item edits in emails yesterday and I'll start going through my story one last time with a fine-toothed comb tonight.Hopefully I'll find all of those things that just sneak by to make it into final print - the typos, the missed punctuation that can drive me so crazy at later times. Each author is also welcome to line edit the other stories, but our own is the priority.

Here is the cover and the story synopsis for all of you to read. When I have a positive date for publication I'll announce it, of course, and I will also put all of the information on my website at that time. I hope you will be as excited about this collection of seven stories as I am.

Enter the pages of the Dragonthology. No single story has ever been great enough to contain the mystical, wondrous creature known as the dragon. We assembled the greatest draconian tales and put them between the covers of a single tome to satisfy your hunger for everything dragon. Seven magnificent stories, ranging from science fiction to mystery, await you within.

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