September 18th, 2012

Tolkien, artist

Under Pressure

I have a self-imposed deadline of Wednesday night to have my o-fic complete, edited, and ready to send to the publisher. I'm going a bit crazy because my time to work on this has been minimal. I can't work on it at night, even though it is G-rated, because I get interrupted by DH all the time. He doesn't see why there is a problem with him coming downstairs to tell me what's on TV or comment on something that occurred to him. I'm going crazy because I can't get more than 15 minutes in a row that isn't interrupted so I can't bury myself in my fictional world because I keep getting dredged back into this one. I'll work instead of read at the coffee shop this morning and then continue at the store. I need to get this done, and I need to seriously edit, so Wednesday's studio day will be spent doing that. I really want to at least present this to the publisher. Whether it gets accepted or not ... it's doing something like this - branching out from fanfic where I can only post online to something that may be in print - it's a new frontier for me and I like the challenge. Oh joy, I'm living in a pressure cooker again - LOL.

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