August 15th, 2012

Tolkien, artist

Day Off? What a Joke! Too Much to Do.

It's Wednesday my "day off" and I have a list that will take me all over town, cost me lots of $ and keep me running all day long. I will be driving all over town, clipping rogue trees at the small house, buying all of my extra Renaissance Fest tickets for Chickie and Sharon (we all go out for one day together) and my less expensive pre-purchased admission tickets and Cheap-skate books for the State Fair. I need to make a doctor appointment for my DH, get some measurements on my eyes so that I can order new lenses for my eyeglasses, and call my accountant to make sure that an extension was filed for a tax return. I also want to drop by my broker's office (I've never visited there) to find out why I can't order checks for my savings/checking account and get some extra dollars transferred in. I need to renew my DH's car license and make an ear doctor appointment for him. And I have to continue cleaning my house - only fifteen days left until Sharon arrives and I want my house cleaned up. Whew!!! Too much to do!

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