June 18th, 2012

Tolkien, artist

New Eyes and New Sod

I got LASIK in my right eye in 2001 and my final follow-up appointment for that was in 2002. But since then I haven't had my eyes examined. For several years I found reading to be very difficult and worked with audio books instead of written ones, but when I got my bifocals I read more, and when I got my NookColor I was back to my normal voracious reading habits. I'm very pleased about that. But as I increased my reading, my prescription for my glasses got more and more out of date. I've needed new glasses for quite a while and finally broke down and set up an appointment with my eye doctor for an exam. I have that today and I can start getting my glasses relensed with a new prescription soon. That will make me very happy! My eyeglass frames are unique and custom made, so I don't replace the glasses completely, rather I get new lenses for my frames instead.

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