June 12th, 2012

Tolkien, artist

Catching Up and Editing

I'm almost caught up from my short vacation. Good grief! I can't imagine how horrific catching up would be if I had a real vacation of a week or more. In just five-and-a-half days I had more than 1000 emails, etc to take care of. But I'm finally almost caught up with those. I am doing a serious edit of my LOTR Community story. I have come to the conclusion that I am a rather rough first draft writer. What I write is not unreadable, no, but it needs serious editing to bring all of the stream of consciousness junk into better order, eliminate the duplicate words and repetitions, and catch stupid errors that would totally sink a story. I am a heavy-handed editor, though. I delete whole paragraphs, move things around mercilessly, and in this particular story, I changed the POV completely and am much happier with the story as a result. I wanted to get a fair amount done last night, but this kind of editing comes slowly so I will have to continue working on it tonight.

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