January 27th, 2012

Tolkien, artist

Happy Friday

It's Friday and I really need it. My art project got one step farther yesterday with a little time in the early morning and a half hour of time at the end of the day. Crazy - shoveling my time into small bits and pieces. Considering how often I end up pushing my creative activities into small portions of time, it's no wonder that I love writing drabbles. The short and focused 100-word stories fit within my crazy time frame. So, I have the next step of the project perched in my head, but it has to clarify a little more before I set pencil or pen to paper.

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Tolkien, artist

Happy Picture

I'm so happy.  The cover photo for Bing today is my local Conservatory - the place that I go when I want to escape from winter.  It's within walking distance of my shop, and I used to live a mile away from it.  So pretty!