December 6th, 2011

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The Precision of Tea

yet hope remains; a LotR comment!ficathon

Written for the prompt of Erestor, a hobbit and tea for the yethoperemains community, and unfortunately posted in two parts because of length, here is my response.  The story revolves around Bilbo Baggins teaching Erestor a few things about the proper presentation and serving of tea.  I hope you take a look and that you enjoy it.  

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Monday, Thank Goodness It's Over

I usually don't care about what day it is, but Monday was a ton of work and I
was just exhausted by the end of it, leaving my temper tied by a hairstring. So
when my DH came down at 9pm and my most recent story was refusing to post
properly, I was LESS than happy, leading to unhappy people and a DH who dropped
the D from his designation for the remainder of the day. He usually will sulk
for a few days, so I can make an expectation that he will be pissy about my poor
mood for most of the remainder of the week *sigh*.

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