October 13th, 2011

Tolkien, artist

Short Update

 I spent yesterday working on a repair that I had accepted from a customer.  It basically is requiring me to reweave an old 1960's beaded Native-American style necklace.  The problem is not the reweaving - I'm charging the customer enough to make up for the time.  The problem is the glue.  Apparently at some point, someone did some other repairs to the piece and used a lot of glue.  Really nasty!  And very time-consuming.  I ended up having to remake the entire center element from beads in my personal stash.  They are not an exact match - there is no way that they could be, but they are close.  The strapping, at least, I can manage to cut one row at a time, pull off the old string and incorporate into the new piece.  It is not a difficult project, but it is certainly taking time.  

The only really good thing about this is that I can work in front of my computer screen, so I can still check my Emails, LJ and other places and read while cutting rows apart and putting the beads onto new thread.  The bad thing?  It probably will take me the majority of the rest of the week to get this finished.  THEN I can start working on my Solstice cards.  Eeek!  I'm already behind schedule on those!  
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