July 2nd, 2011

Tolkien, artist

New Archive

For many months I have been posting my work in my personal stories LJ journal, but also at two outside archive websites, Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction and Silmarillion Writers Guild. This past week, LOTRFF was sold to a man who purchased it for the express intent of making money on the website via clickthroughs and general traffic from persons both uploading stories and merely going there to read through stories in the archive. I believe strongly that fanfiction is written with the full intention and expression of non-profit and have pulled all of my stories from that archive.

That said, my work can still be found in several locations besides this one. Many Paths to Tread is a good archive for "G-rated" stories and I have placed my current G-rated stories there. Additionally, Silmarillion Writers Guild has all of my stories that fit within that time frame. But the beautiful and wondrous Esteliel, who writes some of the most amazing BDSM work in Tolkien's universe that it has ever been my pleasure to read, was determined to find a home for authors who needed a friendly location in which to host their work of ALL ratings and pairings. It was my pleasure and priviledge to assist her in a very small way in beta testing the archive and it works beautifully and seamlessly. So I will be moving my stories to Faerie also and I recommend it as a good location to find stories of interest including those of the marvelous Spiced Wine and Pink Siamese. So, there are now three archives which will hold my stories, but as I expand as an author and walk plot pathways that are new for me, only Faerie will hold all of my works.

I invite all authors in the Tolkien Fandom to join us and post your stories to Faeie, a new and brilliant archive that is author friendly. The more of you who post and read, the more we can have a nurturing community of creative peoples.

Click on the banner to be transported to Faerie.