April 21st, 2011

Tolkien, artist

A Little Heartsick

 So, I had hopes, slim but hopes nonetheless, that my friend who had tossed me out of her life while I was suffering with my root canal issues would realize that we had been friends for longer than I had been her client, and that we would manage to put all of this behind us.  I wanted to continue our friendship, although I have no intention of having her as my accountant any more. 

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Tolkien, artist

Happiness is a Book

So in spite of my sorrow over friendships dashed, I got to the shop today to find that my book had been delivered yesterday.  That makes me quite happy.  So I'm diving into the wonderful imagery of Donato Giancola.  


Do I really have to work today? I'd much rather just look at wonderful pictures.  I really couldn't afford this, but I'm not regretting my purchase at all.  
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