February 16th, 2011

Tolkien, artist

Studio Day

 It seems like a very long time since I have had a studio day. I have had days off, but those days have been filled with errands of various types and did not have time to create art. I did the basic design for a sistrum on one studio day in January, but the rest of them were spent with things that were less creative. Today will be different.

Yes, my main computer is still dead, but I am hopeful, and in regular touch with my Guru. We'll get this solved and my life will get back on track. It just won't be a super-easy fix.

Dead Computer

Isn't this a great image of a dead computer? I wish I knew
who to credit for this one.

I have had an avalanche of wonderful fanfic to read for a specific Valentine's day challenge and I have been happily reading through the submissions. I enjoyed one of the short stories very much, and talked with the author about illustrating it. She's in favor of it, so I'm going to break out my easel and pencils/pens/paints today and see what I can do. I know that most of my friends illustrate these stories digitally, but I have never worked with digital art, even though I have a great desire to learn, so I'll work in a traditional mode instead. That will be fun, though. I hope that you have a creative day today - spread joy through your actions.