February 7th, 2011

Tolkien, artist

10 Things Continued

 10 Things You Want to Say to One Person

JRR Tolkien

JRR Tolkien - I would love to spend a few hours in conversation
with him, but 10 questions? I'm sure I would ask at least 10 because
I want to know everything!

I thought about this one all day yesterday, but I can't decide on a single person that I would want to question. I would like to spend time with JRR Tolkien, with my birth mother, and with some other famous people such as Dante and Da Vinci, but I don't have 10 questions for them. I would rather just spend an evening in their company and see where conversation would take us. So, I will move on to:

10 Wishes

1 - World Peace. I know it sounds trite, and I know that the chances for this actually happening are slim to none, but a person can hope.

World from Space

2 - I want a younger body with my mind just about where it is now. Younger, thinner, it would be good.

3 - An absolute cure for Alzheimer's Disease and dimentia. There is so much that we can learn from our elders, but they are trapped inside failing minds and cannot share with us.

4 - A world-wide appreciation and understanding about wilderness. In other words - open the hearts of the people on this world to want to save the beauty of this world.

5 - An understanding that just because we are often the top of the food chain, it doesn't mean that we have the right to destroy life without some thought and prayer to that life.

6 - A greater understanding of parenting skills. So many of the problems in today's world stem from people raising children who are clueless and do not provide direction, a moral compass, and consequences for actions. Shame on them because all of us have to live with their poor results.

7 - An end to religious government. Religion is religion and government is government and they shouldn't mix.

8 - An understanding of the value of all people. Yes, women are equally valuable and equally capable as men, and all cultures should value women as much as men.

9 - A justice system that actually practices justice, not just the polarities of incarceration or death.

10 - Love. Isn't it true that "All You Need Is Love"?