January 13th, 2011

Tolkien, artist


 So yesterday was my "day off", my "studio day", my day to accomplish errands, laundry, and personal goals. I began the day by going to my silversmith's location, with a repair. I knew that his business had been falling off, and indeed, his business was closed and his space was empty when I went there. So, that means that any repairs that I can't do in-house will not be able to be accepted from this point. Ho has been a friend for many years, so I will try and track him down and make sure that all is OK with him, his wife and his kids. It's really a shame how many jeweler friends of mine have been unable to survive our current economic situation. Then I came home, unlatched my DH's computer from his plugs, loaded it into my car, and went up to Dale's place for him to find out why DH's computer wasn't turning on. After turning it on and off numerous times and having no problems, he cleaned up some resident evil from the registry, I wrote him a small check, we bandied about various computer issues and I trotted the CPU back home to find out which component had died causing the CPU to malfunction. After trial and error, the battery backup system was found to be the culprit, so I purchased a new one, plugged things back in to the new block, and all worked properly. One miracle accomplished, and half of the day gone.

Snow Diamonds

Diamonds in the snow. Surely there are few things more
beautiful about winter.

It was the drive home from Dale's that made my day. Winter is not my favorite season, but when she shows her best, there is nothing better. Yesterday was cold and stunning. The sunrise had been picture-perfect framed behind the naked limbs of the trees and making the clouds molten silver and gold. The skies then cleared and a few fluffy clouds populated the field of blue. The cold kept the snow crystallized, and when I was driving by, it was so beautiful. The fields of white looked like white buttercream frosting over which Eru had generously sprinkled ultra-fine glitter so that it sparkled like diamonds from afar. As I drove, the sparkling was so intense it was dizzying and sent prayers of thanks from my soul. These are the winter days that I live for - the extreme beauty.

Snowstorm in Paris

In Paris, everything is romantic. Even slogging through the snow.

But today we are back to snow, so enjoy this lovely picture of a couple in the snow in Paris. Because if I have to deal with snow, I think I would much rather deal with it in Paris, even though we are really good at handling snow here in the Twin Cities. I hope your Thursday brings magic to your lives today.