December 27th, 2010

Tolkien, artist

Did You Enjoy your Holidays?

 Did you enjoy your Holiday? I had the luxury of having two days in a row off, something that I hadn't had for almost a year. I actually get two days in a row off later this week for New Year's also, and I plan to enjoy that every bit as much.

Christmas Gifts Come Alive

These Christmas Gifts that are dancing are more
elaborate than the wrapping we had on our gifts.

Our Christmas was very low-key. We slept in (no kids to wake us at the crack of dawn), settled down with tea/coffee and Christmas cookies, and began opening gifts. I had my DH's gifts wrapped, although without tags, he had mine in bags. That was fine. We don't stand on ceremony or extra waste for the landfills. My major gifts for him were two water bottles that he had specifically requested, and a new pair of gloves for him to wear while shoveling. The pair that I got for him are good to -15 F. They are called "split finger" gloves - the first and second fingers share one pocket, the ring finger and little finger share another pocket. It keeps the fingers warm, but also allows a bit more dexterity. My major gift from my DH was a Color Nook. A Nook was the only thing on my Christmas list. If he had given me one of the less expensive models, I would have just upgraded it, so I didn't care which one I got. But he came through for me and got me the top of the line. I can't wait to get my research books loaded onto this so that I can put them on a shelf and clean up the space next to my computer where I keep them. I'll be exploring this reader for a long time and I'm VERY happy.

Birthday Cake 3

Since we had so much to eat for the Holiday,
we decided to forgo Birthday Cake until later this week.

Sunday was my DH's birthday, and we had another laid-back day. We played LOTRO for most of the day, and then in the night, watched The Return of the King to cap off the night. I gave him a leather "man bag" that he had mentioned wanting. So now it's back to the shop for five days of hard work. We'll be running an end-of-the-year sale on Tuesday through Friday, so I may have to work some of my Wednesday. I'll do that if needed, because getting the customers taken care of properly is the most important thing during this sale. Then I can close the books for the year and start looking forward to 2011.