November 24th, 2010


The Beginning of Two Days Off

 Today is my usual Studio Day and tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday here in the US. Today is packed with chores - I'll be driving all over town today picking up pies for tomorrow's dinner, getting appropriate paper for shipping and wrapping my Solstice gifts, checking in at my box store and at Barnes & Noble, and trying my best to avoid the grocery store today becuase it will be true hell. I did my store decoration yesterday and we got things polished and prepped as best as possible so all my Manager needs to do today is bring up the Christmas tree, put it on the appropriate counter and decorate the tree. I think he can handle that on his own. If not, I'll be in early enough on Friday morning to handle things.

National Christmas Tree
 Our tree doesn't look as nice as the National
Christmas Tree. We're supposed to be a
nation with separation of church and state, but
every municipality will have their own Christmas
Tree this holiday season. Go figure...

I did bring some product home to work on today. I have several things that need polishing that can't be hand polished effectively. I'll be polishing those today and bringing them back on Friday morning to put back into their cases. We have a two-day sale running on Friday and Saturday - the E-mail with coupons was sent out last night - so I'm hoping we'll be super busy. I am going to do as much as possible today before the snow sweeps in. We're supposed to have icky weather starting at noon and going through the day. That means I will have to shovel the driveway at least once before my DH gets home, and if it is coming down heavily, it may be more than once. <sigh> One more thing added to my already-crowded day.

Ramona Falls at Mount Hood
This is Ramona Falls at Mount Hood. Isn't it
just spectacular? With beauty like this, how
can we be depressed?

Please do me a big favor and spend tomorrow thinking about those things that you are thankful for. A day of reflection can do all of us some serious good. I am very thankful for my DH, who, as annoying as he can be often, is nonetheless my best friend and companion for more than 30 years. I am thankful for my friends, both IRL as well as cyber friends for enriching my life and broadening my horizons. I am grateful for the Song that permeates my life and allows me to dance through life by giving me gentle leadership and immense love. And I am grateful for this world in which I live - the wildness and the beauty. I can never get enough of seeking out the hidden places that speak to my heart. Mitakuye oyasin.