engarian (engarian) wrote,

Good Samhain

This is my final morning blog post until December, and today is Samhain (also known as Halloween to many of you). It is a time when the boundaries thin and communication between living and dead is opened. It is a time to reflect on those who have passed on and think about the year ahead. Continue to finalize your harvest, celebrate your friends and push those things that were negative in your past year underneath the earth, to be cleansed by the Mother.

Trick or treat is a time-honored tradition in the US and I usually get college kids from the local Christian college. I love my trick-or-treaters and always get candy to give to them. Seeing their inventive and thrown-together costumes always makes me smile. It will be colder tonight, although we don't have snow yet, so I won't have the 50+ that I had last year when it was very mild and warm, but I know I'll have some coming to my porch and I welcome them. I hope that your celebration of the holiday, however you choose to honor it, brings you joy.

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