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Roll Call, Please...

There are a lot of you who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy yesterday. If you have power and if you possibly can, please check in here to let us know that you and your families are all right.

Underneath those clouds is the East Coast of the US.

The power of this storm was phenomenal and wide-spread destruction ensued. The subway system under the East River is flooded and shut down for at least several days. Ocean City, a favorite place for Dawn Felegund, was badly flooded and is still flooded. The hurricane came to land around Atlantic City, New Jersey and conditions were so bad that some of the rescue shelters were flooded, requiring a second rescue for some of the residents.

The financial markets in the US will be closed for a second day. 1888's blizzard was the last time that the NY Stock Exchange was last closed for two days in a row. They anticipate that they will be able to trade tomorrow, electronically if not on the actual trading floor.

A transformer blew spectacularly, creating power
problems for tens of thousands of people.

Several fires affected large numbers of people. A large fire in Queens, New York ended up destroying 24 homes, and a huge transformer fire knocked out power for all homes and businesses south of 39th. Looking at shots last night of Manhattan almost dark was eerie. This is New York - the city that never sleeps. It might not have been sleeping, but it was hiding last night.

This construction crane, 90 stories high above one of
the major thoroughfares in NY City, was broken by the
high winds and is dangling, threatening to fall to the
street far below. Very dangerous!

So even if you can't check in, if you have no power, if you are tied up with family members and much more important things, please know that the prayers of the rest of the nation are with you. I have a lot of LJ friends and acquaintances who were directly affected by this storm and my prayers and thoughts have been, and will continue to be with all of you.
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*waves* Good morning! No power loss here overnight. It's still raining but the wind has died down. I don't think we're completely out of the woods yet, but the worst of it seems to be over around here (central Virginia).
Thanks for checking in, Ann. Each person checking in makes me more relieved.

Favor to ask you. I'm not friends with Pande or Oshun but would appreciate knowing that they are OK. Could you check with them if they are on your friends list and let me know?

- Erulisse (one L)
Oshun checked in on Facebook early this morning that she was fine at that time, but I haven't heard anything since. Don't know anything about Pande, though, sorry.
Oshun has posted to say they are all fine, and didn't even lose power! Pande commented there, so I guess she is also fine.
sorry I'm not home right now, walking in the spider webs...
In point of fact I amhere Sleep-deprived from the storms and the waiting keeping me up and feeling very small in the face of such raw power. But here in mind, body, and internet connection.
Re: sorry I'm not home right now, walking in the spider webs...
I am totally relieved. I know you said that your building would be secure, but you were in the heart of it all and I was certainly concerned. Thanks for checking in :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Brief power and internet loss, hemmed in on my street due to a massive tree falls on both side streets--one utterly crushed my downstairs neighbor's new car!-- but we, personally, are utterly unscathed and glad it's over. I am still anxiously awaiting news from the NYC Parks Mounted Division on how our horses in the Bronx, Central Park, and Staten Island fared...
So relieved to hear that you're OK. Sending calming thoughts towards the horses which were, I'm sure, quite frightened by the storm surrounding them. I am EXTREMELY fond of horses...

- Erulisse (one L)
Maybe I'm wrong but seems this monster was far worse than Katrina; both in area damaged and property destroyed. Jersey Gov was saying Billions in repairs; and of course, no budget. Gods! I am simply agog at the over night destruction!
That's really hard to judge. The combination of storm surge and the broken levees are what flooded New Orleans and the Mississippi coast. And Katrina was a much fiercer hurricane. Sandy was larger but weaker. It hit hard on the coast, and of course hit a high-population area of the country. Both were VERY BAD.

- Erulisse (one L)
Your pics are sobering. Somehow, that little six inch square video can never really capture the enormity of this event. We've had gale winds on the lake, and lots of rain. I'm hoping that resolves in a day or two.
The death toll keeps climbing and the weather continues heading north and west. This storm isn't finished yet. Now the cleanup begins and people will do as they always have - they will come together and work to recover their lives, their homes and their neighbors. I think that disaster response is one of the better things that we do in this country. We all seem to want to help as much as we can and we all focus on doing whatever it takes to return to normal.

- Erulisse (one L)
It was an amazingly huge storm - I expected more devastation than there was and thank goodness that there was not.
I'm very grateful that it was mostly property damage with relatively low loss of life despite the flood and fires. I was nowhere near there, but I had friends in that area and couldn't tear myself away from the TV.

- Erulisse (one L)