United with Ukraine

It's a Waiting Game

Well, the US is settling into a waiting game. Hurricane Sandy will hit the East Coast tonight probably somewhere in New Jersey. That will effectively shut down New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and other nearby states, many of them for days. It's a huge storm combining with a full moon for maximal storm surges and they are saying that snow and ice will accompany rain far into the interior of the nation. I have a lot of on-line friends and acquaintances who live in the impacted areas and all I can do is pray that they will pass through this unscathed, warm, dry, and safe. My thoughts are with all of you.

The power of the ocean is amazing.

While waiting for the hurricane to hit, I'm also waiting for Thursday and the beginning of NaNoWriMo. My blogging schedule will be shifting for the month of November and doing my daily word count will be my primary goal. This is because I will still be working, a lot, and November is a very busy month for us at the shop. So, instead of dealing with my emails and my blog in the morning as I have for years upon years, I will be handling them in the evenings after work instead. I will still post my daily blog - I've been doing this for too long not to continue. I value the communication that it allows me. But I need to focus on my novel and that has to come first for me next month. Even my reading will take a fall. Instead of reading while I'm having my morning coffee, I'll be setting up my laptop and continuing to write.

I promise I will not start my novel with
"It was a dark and stormy night..."

I think that the daily word quantities I've scheduled for myself are within reason. And if I can keep to the word total (or exceed them if I am on a roll with a character or a scene) I will succeed in my 50,000 word goal by the end of the month. But what's even more important to me than any word total or goal is that I get this story written. Daniel and Madeline's story has to see the light of day.

I adore crop circles. Real? Fake? I don't care.
They are simply beautiful and so complex.

So as we wait for a variety of things to happen over the next few days, my thoughts revolve around in so many intersecting circles that I am almost dizzy. I send White Light out to all of my friends as we approach Samhain. Goddess Bless, be safe.
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Excited, nervous, hoping that I've done enough research and have rich enough characters to make this happen. A new character waltzed into my mind over the weekend and I think he'll be very important. Oh well, it will work or not, but the ride will be fun!

- Erulisse (one L)