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Sunrise - The Best Time of the Day

 I know I have mentioned how much I love sunrise. When the sun comes up, I feel that the day is full of possibilities and the path that you choose to tred is open and unwalked before you. I grew to love sunrise while I was in Middle School. Since we lived quite a way from the school (walking usually took almost an hour) we were picked up and dropped off via school bus. The corner where the kids of the neighborhood waited for the school bus faced East and there were no houses across the street to block our view of the sun. In the winter, when the temps were so cold, the sun would rise and place the world into a red-golden glow. Shadows would stand in high relief. Features were demarked with a kiss of gold. And the sky would alight in a multitude of colors. I am still amazed, almost 50 years afterwards, by the daily display of hope that occurs in the sky.

Sunrise with Sun Dog

And so I share with you two pictures of sunrise that I have seen in the past two months to paint your own day with colorful possibilities. The first picture is of a sun dog that occurred three days ago. Unfortunately the true rainbow light of the side lights didn't come through in the picture so you'll have to take my word for it. But the two curved side lights were actually rainbows, and the center sun pillar was a golden/red shaft of light. Stunning.


And the sunrise above was late last year. It was such an extraordinary sky that I pulled off the road into a parking lot to take some pictures as it painted the sky in vivid colors. I share these with you today to brighten your day.
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