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Learning Curves

There are some interesting benefits to signing up for NaNoWriMo, one of which is the opportunity to test-drive some writing software and, if I like it, to purchase it after November at a reduced price. I had already been checking out a trial version of Scrivner, which I liked but which had a steep learning curve for me. (I'm just a writer, usually using MS Word or Open Office to put my words to screen, not really setting up larger pieces.) After reading through many of the offerings that would work on a non-Apple PC, I decided to download and try a program called WriteWay. Now I'm playing with the program to get used to it before November 1st.

As with most writing programs, you can append research, links, pictures, outlines, etc to help develop the book, screenplay or textbook. After yesterday's questions I decided to start putting together an outline of chapters, POV's and timelines - just really quickly on paper. Looking more carefully at it and the timelines, I already realized some issues with the timings and am already looking at a second timeline and entering chapters, scenes and plots, etc into the program to help me not miss my milestones. I'm also going to put pictures of my main characters up because it can sometimes be helpful to have something to look at.

I realize that the actual writing may, will, and can often choose its own path. I'm fine with that because there is every possibility that new themes will play around the main theme and, in the long run, both will be strengthened. But I also want to have something on November 30 that will not just have a word count, but that can also be worked into something that might be publishable after revisions and additions. That's my goal.

Maybe I should change my name? Hurricane Sandy is barreling towards the East Coast of the US and many of my on-line friends may be affected by her towards Samhain. New York, Boston, and the entire northern part of the East Coast will be affected as we move towards mid-week. I never thought that a hurricane whose name I share could be such a potential problem for so many people I know. So I'm hoping she'll be as contrary as I sometimes am and veer off on a different path.
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