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Holiday Wrap-Up

 I finally got the last of my holiday cards yesterday and so I wanted to shout out to the following people who sent wonderful cards and wishes to me and my DH.

My Fanfic friends:

** NiRi - In the midst of all you were dealing with this Holiday season, you sent a card. So sweet and so cute with the dog carrying gifts on the front. (You also had my zip code incorrect, it's 55113 <g>)
** Zhie - It was a beautiful front picture on your card, and I hope you had a season filled with joy and peace as beautiful as it portrayed.
** Laikwalasse - A really stunning card with such a sweet note. And now I know how to say Happy Christmas in several languages - LOL.
** Spiced Wine - The wonderfully colorful bird on the cover of your card arrived during one of our horrid snowstorms. It was such a pleasure to see color and your wonderful note warmed my heart.
** Esteliel - I just got your beautiful card yesterday. It was beautifully done - very pretty. That's all you needed on your already full plate - to make holiday cards. But I'm very grateful that you did.
** j-dav - The sentiments that you expressed in your card made me so very happy. I love the thought of being held in your thoughts as the New Year was ushered in. It means that my New Year will be fantastic.

My US friends in art, beading and life:

** Michelle - We haven't gotten together since your wedding. We need to do lunch. The beautiful card was as sparkling as your wonderful personality.
** Starlet and Peter - My friends and relatives. You had a very difficult Christmas, and the fact that you were still able to send me a card touched my heart.
** Jeff and Huib - It is always an extraordinary gift of friendship to hear from you. I loved the card and its' loving and relaxing cover image.
** Tom and Mary - I loved your card - in fact I almost bought that image as my secondary card. Your annual letter of your doings is always something that I look forward to and I was again delighted with your review of the prior year's actions and activities.
** Pam LV - As always, it is nice to hear from you. The wintery Western image reminded me of growing up in the Western US. Those were good times (in the main) and good memories.
** Pam (Poo) - Such an extraordinary and beautiful job you did on your card. It was truly lovely, as was the sentiment and as is your steller friendship over the years.

And Family:

** Michael, Mary and family - I adore Cardinals. They are one bright spot of color in a white and grey landscape. Your lovely card echoed that beauty.
** Tom & Elly - Such a funny cover image, and just beautiful. I can never forget your support more than 30 years ago when we needed it so badly before our wedding. You are always in my thoughts and my heart.
** Missy and Allen - We have seen each other too few times over the past years, but you are always in my thoughts. I was delighted to read your Holiday Letter, and I will try VERY hard to be able to come to California for Danielle's wedding. I can't promise more than that I will try, but we'll work it one day at a time.
** And I received lovely family photo cards from three of my neices/nephews picturing their lovely children. So thanks go out to Joe, Holly and Ian; Jeff, Catie, Lexi and Flynn; and Nick, Mary and Izzy. I am thrilled to know all of you and I look forward to watch you grow through the years.

Holiday Cards

These aren't cards that I received, just a stock
photo, but aren't they pretty?

Holiday cards can make a person feel connected to friends throughout the world. That's why I send them to many of my friends. E-cards are less expensive and, in many cases, much easier to send. But I love the physical feeling of handling an envelope, opening it, and looking at the beauty that lies inside. I love the pre-printed sentiments and the added words and feelings, I love the Holiday Letters, in other words - I love the idea that someone cared enough to spend a bit of time sending me and my DH a holiday card. So to all of you who send cards, whether or not I am on your mailing list, thank you. You brightened someone's day by doing so.
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