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Fountain Beauty

It's Saturday and I have no motivation. Just getting to work and then home again with Chipotle in my hand will be about the limit of my energy today. I'm deep into research for my NaNo since my planned novel is historical in nature and I'll be ordering maps of the area on Monday to post around my room for a few months. My poor DH will have county maps to look at for good or for bad.

We'll start out with the face fountain at the entrance
to Swarovski Crystal World in Austria. I picked this
because I sell a lot of Swarovski crystals in my store,
so it's a nod to work. Now...on to...

I need pretty things today, so I'm going to focus on fountains. No following text, but several pics of wonderful fountains to make your weekend start off well.

This is the Mecom Fountain in Houston, TX (USA). A very
traditional fountain, but strikingly beautiful.

This lovely cone fountain is in Canberra, Australia.

This is a stunning Black/White winter shot of the
fountain at Lincoln Center, New York City, NY (USA)

The Ira Keller fountain is a showcase of downtown
Portland, Oregon (USA). It's huge, soothing, and
very beautiful. A great showcase for one of my
favorite cities.

This is the King Fahd fountain on the Prescott campus
in Saudi Arabia. I love the form of this fountain.

And to finish off this tour, a Magic Tap fountain from
Spain. This style of fountain can be found several places
in the world, but this pic looked so refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed your tour through some fountains. Monday we'll return to thoughts, worries, plans and pratfalls. Have a phenomenal weekend!
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