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Shoes, Beading and Projects

I hate it when I don't have projects perched in my brain because I splash around in my creative pond like a child with water wings. It's silly, but it's my reality. I always have projects in my head - things I want to do, images that I see that I want to bring into reality. Aside from my novel, which I do realize will need a lot of work but I'll begin dealing with that in November, I also have my shoes projects and there is a major beading project that is perching and knocking against my brain.

Sometimes I feel like a vulture just waiting for
my next creative meal.

It's refreshing and pleasant to have a beading project begging for entry. I've been a bead artist for forty years and just don't get excited about a lot any more. But I've had this neckpiece begging to be made and I'm thinking about indulging my muse and allowing myself to do some beading after the end of 2012.

Sherry is a sweetheart and lots of fun. Her talent led
the way for many copycats but her style stands alone.

Large neckpieces have been a style of bead embroidery that has been very popular for the past few years. Popularized by Sherry Serafini and Heidi Kummli, I've seen hundreds of these over the past five years and very few of them have garnered more than one glance from me. The project that I see in my head will require me to make some glass for it, and will also use some unique Czech Republic glass. If I do it properly it will be a lovely homage to the Goddess, if I don't do it well, it will join the ranks of boring. I'll have to actually do some serious design work before settling this out to work on.

Heidi Kummli also has a unique atyle and beautiful sense
of what beads can do. The detail picture give you just
the idea of what bead sculpture is all about.

My shoes arrived from Zappo yesterday. I'll unpack them today and put my orthotic inserts in. If they are comfortable to wear, I'll keep them. If not, I'll send them back and get the next largest size. You can never tell about a shoe until you have it on your feet. But I can start the design work for them. I'm really happy!
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