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Painting Dreams and Holiday Cards

A friend posted these shoes yesterday and they totally took over my thoughts. I fell in love. I fell in love enough that I bought a pair of high-top Converse shoes from Zappo and they are on their way to me. Yesterday afternoon was spent with small, stolen moments at my computer researching a variety of paints and techniques for painting on canvas shoes. I'm torn between using the air brush or a hand-held brush, but I think I know what paints I want to use. Yeah! I'm gonna paint myself some shoes - LOL.

I don't know who originally painted these, but I want a pair for
myself. So...shoes ordered, air brush ready, now to decide exactly
what images I want...

I figure it will give me something to do after NaNoWriMo because I know that life goes on after November and I also know that it is wise to put writing projects away for a few weeks when completed before the editing process starts. So now I will have something to do after my holiday cards.

Speaking of holiday cards, although they may be late this year, I have the image clear in my head and would love to send one to you - yes YOU! PM me with your address and I'll add you to my list. I don't require any in return, my joy is in the making. I have, however, received some totally amazing and beautiful cards from my friends in the US and other nations and they are always appreciated, if not mandated :-) DON'T BE SHY. I love making these even though my equipment always makes me growl. This will be my third year of sending cards world-wide to LJ friends. I hope it will be my best card ever!

We're cold now, the bright leaves have dulled down, but if the sky is mostly blue and I have a beautiful sunrise and/or sunset, it's hard for me to be depressed. I'll save my depression (which is bound to hit a few times) for the grey days of winter. I love winter, I love those amazing days when the sun makes the snow sparkle like a field of diamonds scattered across the ground and the grasses poking up like strands of molten gold. Such beauty! But...grey days are very hard for me and I hate shoveling snow (although the exercise is not a bad thing). So, I'm clinging with my fingernails to autumn and hoping that we don't really see much snow before Thanksgiving and, even better, Christmas. A girl can dream...right?
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