engarian (engarian) wrote,

Reasons for Celebration

Today is Columbus Day which is NOT a day that I celebrate. I find it hard to celebrate the arrival of genocide onto this continent and that's what followed those three small ships from Europe to our shores. The map below shows just a few of the tribes that existed in the United States at the time Columbus landed. A map depicting today would be vastly different. So, since I don't want to dwell on negatives today, I thought I'd share beauty below the cut. I have stunning pics of a Sunrise, a Rainbow and a Waterfall to share because we all should face this day and week with a positive outlook.

This sunrise really caught my eye. The stones in the foreground and striations of the clouds put a smile on my face and I hope will also put one onto yours. Sunrise is the Powers way of saying "Hello, have a great day!" Love it!

I adore rainbows and when I was searching for a good rainbow pic this morning I found this one. So wonderful!

And finally, because I adore waterfalls, I found this wonderful single cascade of whitewater between green cliffs to share with all of you today.

So I hope that you have a wonderful Monday, and we'll let Columbus fade back into the history books where he should be.
Tags: positive thinking

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