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Reasons for Celebration

Today is Columbus Day which is NOT a day that I celebrate. I find it hard to celebrate the arrival of genocide onto this continent and that's what followed those three small ships from Europe to our shores. The map below shows just a few of the tribes that existed in the United States at the time Columbus landed. A map depicting today would be vastly different. So, since I don't want to dwell on negatives today, I thought I'd share beauty below the cut. I have stunning pics of a Sunrise, a Rainbow and a Waterfall to share because we all should face this day and week with a positive outlook.

This sunrise really caught my eye. The stones in the foreground and striations of the clouds put a smile on my face and I hope will also put one onto yours. Sunrise is the Powers way of saying "Hello, have a great day!" Love it!

I adore rainbows and when I was searching for a good rainbow pic this morning I found this one. So wonderful!

And finally, because I adore waterfalls, I found this wonderful single cascade of whitewater between green cliffs to share with all of you today.

So I hope that you have a wonderful Monday, and we'll let Columbus fade back into the history books where he should be.
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You are so welcome, my dear. Positive thoughts heading out to you and your delightful Pippin.

- Erulisse (one L)
I like the first picture the most.

Here we celebrate the 12th of October, but we've never called it Columbus' day, but Race Day (meaning the original people from America), which was changed to the Peasant Day, though not all peasants are native, and not all native are peasants. Anyway, that's what we celebrate.
I'm fond of all of the pictures.

A few states celebrate Native American Day instead of Columbus Day, but I'm not fond of either moniker.

- Erulisse (one L)
When I say we celebrate, I only mean it's a day that used to be a holiday. Not anymore. Either way, I have Native American and European blood, and African blood too. I feel I am part of all these places.
Agree whole heartedly vis-a-vis Columbus (And Junipero Sera out here in Cali)

ooo pwetty waterfalls and wainbowssss....

Hope your day is wonderful. ((hugs))
Rather thought you would share my thoughts on Columbus :-)

So pleased that you liked the happy pictures too though :-)

*hugs back*

- Erulisse (one L)
Beautiful photos! ♥

Here in Canada it's Thanksgiving. (Or, as I refer to it, Turkey Day.) Little better of a holiday to celebrate, I think. >_>
Our Turkey Day (Thanksgiving Day) comes in late November. Enjoy your day off and celebration :-)

- Erulisse (one L)