engarian (engarian) wrote,

Exhaustion Has Struck

I'm exhausted. I allowed myself to sleep an additional twenty minutes this morning and didn't hit the treadmill (bad girl) but I really needed that little bit of additional sleep. I'm really looking forward to tonight - for the first time in two months I will be able to sleep in on Sunday morning. This is the ultimate luxury! So I'm writing a celebration to sleep today because, quite honestly, that candle I hold that burns from both ends does singe my hand now and again.

My story for Teitho is finally working after being slapped into its fourth revision. I'm almost through the umpteenth edit and things are starting to jell. I need to finish this story and then I can start my LOTR Community piece. Thank goodness they extended the deadline for that one because the elements were sent out quite late, but at least one idea hit when I read through my elements, so I think I'll have something I can do.

And Thank You to all who voted for my artwork "And Maedhros Stood Aside" for the Tree and Flower Awards. I won Overall Winner for the artwork and am very, very happy. I also won three 3rd Place awards and three Honorable Mention awards for stories, so I'm absolutely thrilled. Call me happy today (as well as sleepy).
Tags: art, awards, sleep, writing

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