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Dragon Flies

I worked hard at my O-fic, "Dragon Seeks a Wife", yesterday, finally finishing up the text shortly before Aearwen phoned me for our weekly chat. We had a totally delightful hour catching up with writing, music and families, finally signing off with a promise to talk again next week. I'm already looking forward to it. After starting the next load of laundry in the dryer, making the bed and checking the mail I began editing the fic. I wanted to send it off last night, but still had three pages to edit when my eyes went bonkers at 9:00 pm. So when I awoke at 3:15 am this morning I went right to my computer and started the final edit. I was able to send the completed story to the publisher at 4:20 am this morning. Now I just hope that they enjoy the story enough to include it in the book. If they don't, I'll check out a couple of other places to submit it, but I also will have time to ask a couple of friends for beta help which would be wonderful. So if it doesn't get accepted, it's both good news and bad news at the same time. Rather like life in micro - LOL.

Zane was voted off as the first in the new season.

Last night was the first episode of Survivor Philippines. By the time I had been watching it for an hour I was already bored. I decided to switch over to watch Ghost Hunters instead, flipping back and forth during commercials. So I was able to watch Zane get voted off before returning to Jason, Adam and the Ghost Hunter crew. My DH said that Zane was really stupid, telling people that he didn't want to put out the effort for some really stupid reason. He was a character and it might have been fun to see him play, but ... really? I mean ... REALLY?

Survivor Returnees L-R Michael Skupin, Johathan Penner and Russel Swan

It was a joy to see Russel Swan (2009 - Samoa) and Michael Skupin (2001 - Australia) return, although I am totally lukewarm about Jonathan Penner (Fan vs Favorites). Jonathan always struck me as annoying and I suspect he still is. But Russel and Michael were both fun to watch in their individual seasons and I think they will pull me in to watch the show as long as it is only 60 minutes long. Then I will happily switch over to Ghost Hunters.

Ghost Hunter Adam Berry

Ghost Hunters was investigating a New Orleans bar and hotel that had been experienced an arson fire in 1973, killing 32 men. It was a gay bar and safe house and allowed Adam Berry to come out of the TV closet on camera in an easy and natural way. He's never hidden his sexual preference in interviews, but it hadn't been explored or utilized on the show before this episode, to my knowledge. He's a nice guy and a good investigator and displayed some real sensitivity to the spirits of these dead men. Now to decide on my next writing project.....
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