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Studio Day = Writing Marathon

Although I wanted to get writing work done last night, my poor DH hasn't been seeing a lot of me and we love Face Off and wanted to watch the new show - Hot Set. So I got very little writing done last night. That means that today is a focused day with a break when I go grocery shopping and when I talk to Aearwen late this afternoon. Except for that, I'll be working on my o-fic story, checking out the publisher's submission requirements, and in general, driving myself a little crazy in a good cause.

I have to start by spending an hour at work scanning a book that I need to return to interlibrary loan today. It's a small book, but there is some really valuable research material in it for my NaNo piece. Given how long it has taken me to write a measly 10,000 word story, I'm starting to have serious doubts about my ability to do 50,000 words. But when I look realistically at why I have had problems with the 10,000 words, I feel a bit better. My problem was not coming up with 10,000 words, my problem was editing it down or changing the storyline a bit so that I came in at that level or lower. I could very easily have doubled the word count on this tale. Because of that, maybe NaNo will work. Or not. Maybe. Anyway, it's not stopping my research.

I'll be talking with my cousin on Friday night and hope that she can help me remember store names and locations for some of the places I need as mental touchstones in my NaNo story. We both grew up in the same area and hung out at the same places, plus she lived there full-time for several years and visits it far more frequently than I do. I hope that she has some memories of specifics. I'll get a map together so that I at least have some street names, etc. She has her own writing project in the works also, a novel circling around the history of her parents - really quite fascinating. We should have plenty to talk about :-) Have a productive day today and spare a thought for me slaving away over my computer keyboard - LOL.
Yes...and no. I can get a good look at the current place, but what I am writing takes place in 1870 and in 1970. The 1970 version is from my own childhood and I need to remember - where exactly was that bakery? There was a restaurant in the center of this block, wasn't there? What was the name of the building that had all of the stained glass in their windows? That kind of thing. For that, Google Earth (as super kewl as it is) won't really be of help.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

- Erulisse (one L)