engarian (engarian) wrote,

Under Pressure

I have a self-imposed deadline of Wednesday night to have my o-fic complete, edited, and ready to send to the publisher. I'm going a bit crazy because my time to work on this has been minimal. I can't work on it at night, even though it is G-rated, because I get interrupted by DH all the time. He doesn't see why there is a problem with him coming downstairs to tell me what's on TV or comment on something that occurred to him. I'm going crazy because I can't get more than 15 minutes in a row that isn't interrupted so I can't bury myself in my fictional world because I keep getting dredged back into this one. I'll work instead of read at the coffee shop this morning and then continue at the store. I need to get this done, and I need to seriously edit, so Wednesday's studio day will be spent doing that. I really want to at least present this to the publisher. Whether it gets accepted or not ... it's doing something like this - branching out from fanfic where I can only post online to something that may be in print - it's a new frontier for me and I like the challenge. Oh joy, I'm living in a pressure cooker again - LOL.

I remember my mother cooking with a pressure cooker. They always
frightened her a bit because they could explode, but they can be a great
kitchen tool and are much safer today.

I also have to continue with the dusting. I did a nice job of it when Sharon came to visit for Labor Day, but I have fingerling spiders (little active babies) and they love to string webs. I'm seeing some come up where I had dusted, so it's time to evict them again.

My spider webs aren't as pretty as this one...so they can be eliminated :-)

It's Fall in Minnesota now, and our temperatures have mellowed and cooled down. We have two weekends of Renaissance Festival left - Octoberfest (celebrating beer and beards) and Irish Weekend. My cape is ready so even though it may be cooler, I have slightly heavier clothing and my cape to wear, so I'll be fine even if it is at least 20 degrees cooler. But best predictions say that we'll have another sunny day on Sunday and I'm all in favor of that. I wonder if the leaves will have started to be colorful on our drive. With our summer drought I'm hearing predictions that the fall colors will be much more subdued because the trees have been stressed so much. That would be a shame!
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