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A Watershed Moment - Remembering and Honoring

Honor Their Memory - September 11, 2001

The number who died in the attacks of September 11th, eleven years ago, was modest when compared to the deaths in wars throughout the world over the same length of time. But September 11th is burned into the consciousness of America as well as many around the world. Wny do we focus on this single day to remember? Many different reasons including the visual images of the planes hitting the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the courage of the passengers of United Flight 93 who crashed their plane near Shankesville, Pennsylvania. But even more than the images and deaths, September 11th is one of those dates where things changed throughout the world. There is business and travel before September 11th and business and travel after September 11th, and they are not similar. Now air travel requires long security protocols, and the face of Terrorism has become front and center in world political councils.

I saw the second plane hit and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

As we enter this day and look back on the previous decade plus...are we any better off? Have we learned anything from this attack on our own US soil? I'm not so sure. Trust has become harder to win and easier to lose. Certain populations have been targeted for harboring terroristic factions within them, and that may well be true. The USA still has a target attached to our backside. I don't think that will change, only get defined and redefined in subsequent years as we track down terrorist cells and attempt to destroy their leadership in hopes of pulling the snake's fangs. But...

Rescue personnel went above and beyond the call of duty and defined heroism in my eyes.

Today I will think back on September 11, 2001, remember those who died and think about how innocence also died a horrific death that day.
Re: A different point of view & it may piss you off; sorry.
Different points of view only piss me off when they are presented without respect. Yours certainly didn't bother me, and you raise many valid points.

I have a really nasty habit of always thinking the best of people until I am proved otherwise, and fighting for personal rights. Thus, although I agree with a lot of what you said, I move more to the middle of the road.

9-11-01 brought out a lot of negatives in our nation, but also a lot of positives. There were incredible acts of heroism which I will always think was one of the best aspects of human nature, there were people making an effort to reach out to their Muslim neighbors and assure them that they were and still are valued members of American society. And there were people who argued for level heads when we were responding to these acts of aggression.

Throughout history there have been watershed moments - the fall of Rome and the fall of Jerusalem; the explosion of Mt Etna and Krakatoa; the great flood,often thought to be the creation of the Black Sea from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea; and in US history, the Alamo, the Maine and the assassination of JFK. All of these things changed this nation or the lives of others so that they could look back and see that their lives had changed appreciably based upon the event. Such an event was 9-11-2001.

War is not a personal option that I allow to enter into my list of possibilities when it comes to discussions with others. On the contrary, I have always been someone who strongly believes in peace. But I also laugh a bit when I think about any group who might want to bring their war onto US soil. I think they would be a bit crazy to even contemplate it. We are a nation of people who carry and own firearms and who have them in their homes and businesses. Attempting to take over this country would equal a guerrilla war for each city, town and farmstead. Very nasty, drawn out, and bloody.

I think that the majority of this nation doesn't live in fear, rather tolerates inconveniences because of the fears of those who are in "power". Whether the government has fed lies to us, I am not qualified to state. I have never had a lot of faith in government, so that would not surprise me.

I suspect that we walk similar pathways yet again...

- Erulisse (one L)