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Thoughts and Shout Outs

Sharon says that she will pack T-shirts and capri pants for her Fair visit. I'm going to remind her that our nights will still be cool (thank the Powers for that at least) so a pair of longer pants and a jacket will still be needed for our longer days. Thursday will be the worst day, so we'll just make sure that we eat somewhere with air conditioning which will at least help a bit - LOL.

Remember to layer for cold weather...

Time is compressing on me, I only have a single day remaining to clean. I'll have to get some dusting done (I have very active itsy-bitsy spiderlings) and I need to vacuum and set up the bed. I really should get an oil change for the car, but I'm kindof hoping that I can stretch it for one more week. I'm pushing things, though, and I know it. *sigh*

You don't want to see this light shining on your dashboard...

I'll put a shout out to Seth who is also on his way in to the Fair. He'll be in town Wednesday, and then back on the road again. We won't get a chance to see each other this trip, but I'm waving in your direction and will be thinking about having you so near tomorrow. I'll catch you next time through, for sure!

So this is a horribly disjointed post, but it reflects my thoughts right now - bouncing around from topic to topic. I really need to settle and get my o-fic completed. I have a short time to be able to write in the morning at the shop, but I have found that it is absolutely impossible to write at home at night because of DH's constant coming down and interrupting me for this or for that. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Can you help me say FRUSTRATED?!
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