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Sleep and Date Night

Today is the first Saturday of the State Fair and I'll be going on my usual date. DH and I take Park and Ride over to the Fairgrounds instead of driving over there and then we wander the Fair, going through some of the buildings (they close at 9:00 pm so we can't spend a lot of time there) and eating our dinner. We usually stay at least until the nightly fireworks display and finally catch the bus back home in time to wake up tomorrow morning and go to Renaissance Festival. It's a busy weekend, but not quite as busy as next weekend will be when Sharon has joined us for our mayhem.

Although I love foot longs more, there is something about a Pronto Pup...

I didn't walk this morning because I'll be putting the miles in tonight. I probably should have walked, but I really needed that extra bit of sleep. At this time of the year, sleep is a premium for me. I'll grab it when I can. But I probably should have been good and done the treadmill anyway...oh well. Water under the bridge.

No two ways about it - I'm a slow writer.

And "Thank You's" are going out to those very kind people who nominated two of my stories and one of my art pieces for the Tree and Flower Awards on Many Paths to Tread. I'm head's deep in an original short story right now, lucky if I get a good 200 words a way (certainly NOT NaNo pace going on here) but it is coming together and I'm happy with the direction that it's going. I have to try and wrap this up by the middle of next week and get it beta read. It's silly to be running tight on time for something with a deadline in a month, but I am. Have a fantastic weekend, I know that I will!
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