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Still Walking...And With Hot Water

My DH had left an open phone book on my computer desk telling me to phone (A) or (B) for our water heater. But, after the issues we had with the previous plumber, I wasn't going to just take his word for it and went on to Angie's List to check them out. I found out that firm (A) had a lot of reviews, but very few of them were positive, and firm (B)wasn't even listed. I decided to find someone good instead.

I'm tired of seeing my dollars fly away with bad remodeling decisions...

I was on the phone to him at 7:15 in the morning, he was at my house draining my old water heater at 9:15 am and by noon, I had a new water heater. And he came in more than $1600 LESS than the previous plumbers had quoted. $1600 less! Good grief. I'm very happy, I have hot water that will be there for me for at least ten years, I have an honest plumber to call, and my bank account might even survive this. Hope springs eternal...

I love Foot Long Hot Dogs and MUST eat several while visiting the State Fair.

The State Fair opens today. The smell of grease, the crowds of people, the conflicting noises of music, barkers, and crowds, all of it will make me smile every time I drive by the Fairgrounds for the next ten days. DH and I will be out there on Saturday night after work for an evening of "solitude" wandering the farm machinery with a foot-long hot dog in our hands. And of course we'll be back out at Ren Fest on Sunday so we'll have our fill of food and crowds, but it's the fun part of our summer.

I hate the treadmill, but I'm so glad I'm forcing myself to do this every day.

And I'm still walking every morning (or hitting the BowFlex). I only tabulate my mileage monthly, but I'm pleased that I've been sticking to it. Now if I could just build some basic calisthenics into my schedule. Oh well, time will eventually come to me...maybe after the three stories and one novel that I have going right now? Yeah...right! Time! What a laugh :-)
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