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A Working "Day Off"

 We're running our 4-Day End-of-Year sale today. It's Day 2. Yesterday was pretty busy and I don't dare leave Chickie and Jim on their own today because Jim isn't up to speed helping customers when they get a lot into the store at a time. So I'll go in and work. But I'll go in late - I figure I'll show up around 11 am - and if the pace isn't as busy as yesterday, I probably won't stay. My usual day off consists of studio time and laundry. I won't be able to do the laundry until tonight if I have to work all day, I also won't get the grocery shopping finished. So I'm torn. I want some serious busy shoppers to be in my store. I want to have a day that is as busy and filled with happy shoppers as I can. But I'm also frustrated because I'll have to give up my day off. I think I'll sit in my little computer area when we are not busy and continue reading Surgical Steel's "King's Surgeon" story. It's got a lot of chapters and I (might) have a lot of time - a perfect combination.

After Christmas Sales

Our End-of-Year sale has been popular with our
customers for several years. Some real bargains are
available and we love to have less to count for inventory.

I will take a bit of time to go to Barnes & Noble Booksellers this morning, though. I want a screen saver and a cover for my Nook. I'm just thrilled with this new toy in my life and I want to be able to use it without worrying about scratching it. It's an amazing tool. I'm middle aged and I am so amazed at the strides that computers have taken in my lifetime. I remember my first laptop. The concept that a computer could be portable, when they had started out taking rooms worth of space, was so amazing to me. I've had several laptops since then, and numerous desktops, and now I have the Nook - in essence, a tablet computer. Computers have broadened my life and my group of friends, and given me my entertainment for after-hours also. I'm not sure who thinks up these developments and makes them happen, but I am really grateful to them.

Nook Color

I am in love with my new Nook Color. I am
going to be using this a lot. Now if I can just
get my art books delivered as e-Books. Then I
would be totally joyful.

And shouts go out to Surgical Steel for her birthday, and Poo who is undergoing gall bladder surgery today. May all go well for both of you, and may your days ahead be awesome.
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