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Sun and Exercise

Sunday was perfect weather. The temps were in the upper 70's (24 C), the sky was partly cloudy, the mead and beer was flowing, the bagpipes were blowing, and we were exploring. It was the first of our seven Sundays at Renaissance Festival and it could not have started better.

The main entryway to our Fest grounds. The pre-gate opening comedy routine features most of the court players
atop the battlements interchanging with each other and the crowd.

The grounds are quite extensive, filled with permanent buildings and venues.
The entry of the picture before is shown with the red arrow.

They had us parking farther back than ever before. The Festival grounds are located on a section of a quarry and the quarry has been working closer and closer to the festival grounds every year. This year all of the back lot parking is completely gone and the cast members and players are now parking in the first few rows of the grounds with patrons following behind. Except for hitting a large hidden rock with the underside of "Da Grape", all was fine. I had DH guide me out of our parking space when we left in mid-afternoon just to be sure to avoid any repeat performance.

Several years ago our old Queen decided to retire and a new Queen took her place. The former
"Official Court Painter" (pictured above) was courted for a year by the King,
then she accepted his proposal and they were married over Labor Day weekend either two or three years ago,
and now they are a well-established couple who play well off each other. She was a good choice.

Our friends were still there, venues had changed locations and shops had moved from one place to another. A few surprises existed - shops that had closed and not reopened, food items that had changed or become permanent instead of temporary - but it was Fest. It was the opportunity to be outside, away from our electronic and business cares for a few hours. We both got sunburned, although I was careful to wear my hat and sun block, and we came home a bit earlier than usual, but happy. This coming Sunday is Rib Fest - something that we look forward to each year - and we are saving our pennies. It is always expensive, and always so very good! Bar-b-qued ribs - 7th heaven. I am already looking forward to it.
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