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Mission Accomplished

So my errands list got mostly completed. I wasn't able to trim the trees at the small house because it was raining and I didn't get my eyeglasses ordered (that was bad, but I still have to save up a bit more money before I order those). I did get five loads of laundry done, finished reading "The Catch Trap" and bought all of my State Fair tickets and coupon books in preparation for Sharon's visit on the 30th. Aearwen and I had a lovely, if shortened, conversation and I spent more than an hour deciding which exercises I wanted to concentrate on with the BowFlex as well as running through them once to make sure I understood how to hold my hands, what arm or body motions I needed to do, etc. Now I'm alternating my days between the treadmill and the BowFlex. It will take me longer to reach Rivendell, but I'll be in better physical condition - LOL.

I've decided to try the 30-day free trial of Scrivner for my NaNoWriMo project. I've exchanged several Emails with the developers and think it will do what I need, there are also many NaNo authors who have recommended it to me. Basically it's rather like a virtual white board and bulletin board mixed with a virtual index card and organization feature that will allow me to work on things out of order, research and notes, and illustrations, and throw them all together into the final.

Big Bang has started signups. I'm not willing to commit to a 20,000 word piece when I'm focused on NaNo, but I think I'll sign up for artwork. I had a great time doing the artwork for Binky's lovely story earlier this year, and the deadline would be early 2013 so I would have the time to pull it together after the author has his/her text completed or close to completed. But I won't be writing for this one. Nope, no way, no how. Have a fabulous day - think sunshine and lollipops. (While looking for a video for Sunshine and Lollipops, I came across this short that used to have it as the soundtrack but had to remove it because of copyright infringement. But it was cute, so...enjoy.)

And Hans, I love hard science fiction. It used to be all I read. Now I've bracnhed out a bit but it is still near and dear to my heart :-) *hugs* to you and Ann.
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I used MS Office OneNote for NaNo both times and it worked fine for me -- you can cross reference files, store art and music, have different pages for different threads and find everything painlessly.

I'm probably doing the OEAM Big Bang. I ended up making a spreadsheet (all colour-coded, LOL) to see which challenges I could write and what overlapped too closely. I was more worried about the BigBang conflicting with Slashy Valentine, which I always do, but I can balance it all right (I think). Everything will just have to go on 'pause' during November.

They always recommend alternating your exercise routines so your body doesn't get too used to something, though for me avoiding boredom is even more important. Even yoga can wear thin sometimes.
Oh yes, I need to add some strength training to my regime. I used to work with free weights and loved them, but in this place we had enough room in the laundry room sub-basement to set up a BowFlex (barely) and sprung for one of those a few years ago. I remember when I used it regularly I loved it. It certainly can't hurt :-) Rivendell will still be there, and as I gain strength I might also be able to increase my running mileage too.

I tried OneNote and just couldn't get the hang of it. I can try Scrivner free for 30 days and I'll give that a try. I have to get something quickly, I'm starting to get too many things that I need to keep in temporal order and too many plotlines to just keep everything straight in general notes and in my head.

I love doing the artwork for Big Bang. It is one of the few times that I allow someone else to dictate the general direction of my art and it's way fun. If you write for it, maybe we'll end up assigned to each other. That would be super fun!

- Erulisse (one L)
I admire all the advance planning you've been doing for NaNo.
My time is so limited that I don't want to waste any trying to do the background work. If it was allowable to write before Nov 1st, I'd do it, but it's not. *sigh* I've never written anything of this length before and it will be a distinct challenge for me even though it is a story that I dearly want to dive into. Also, it's o-fic - very different than fanfic and, in so many ways, a distinct challenge. I want it to be fun, even though the subject is murder :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I was given a copy of Scrivener but have never used it. I think I should investigate what it can do and see if it is any better than MS Office Word. I have signed up this year but I have no idea what I will write.
I still have to officially sign up. I thought I'd do that in September. I'm relieved that someone else will be doing this craziness too :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I was all set to not do NaNo this year (after doing it the past two years and reaching word-count both times), but, IDK. Hearing you talk about it has made me think about possibly doing it again. <3 I have an idea that's been percolating in my head for quite some time and I think it might be one of those that word-splatter would help, if only to get the idea out on paper where it's tangible, instead of in my head where it isn't.
I just hope that my concept will hold up for the length and the multiple plot lines that I will have running through here. I hope to pin down my BFF when she comes next week and bounce some things off her. Hopefully she can help me chart my way through my plots and cut to the chase :-)

I'm sure you'll do splendidly since you've done this before. The quantity of words necessary for someone who comes from the corporate world where I wanted things reduced to minimal wordage is a bit frightening.

- Erulisse (one L)

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