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Day Off? What a Joke! Too Much to Do.

It's Wednesday my "day off" and I have a list that will take me all over town, cost me lots of $ and keep me running all day long. I will be driving all over town, clipping rogue trees at the small house, buying all of my extra Renaissance Fest tickets for Chickie and Sharon (we all go out for one day together) and my less expensive pre-purchased admission tickets and Cheap-skate books for the State Fair. I need to make a doctor appointment for my DH, get some measurements on my eyes so that I can order new lenses for my eyeglasses, and call my accountant to make sure that an extension was filed for a tax return. I also want to drop by my broker's office (I've never visited there) to find out why I can't order checks for my savings/checking account and get some extra dollars transferred in. I need to renew my DH's car license and make an ear doctor appointment for him. And I have to continue cleaning my house - only fifteen days left until Sharon arrives and I want my house cleaned up. Whew!!! Too much to do!

This Trapeze poster is from 1899. These were the days of canvas "Big Tops" and open air circuses
traveling around the country on an annual schedule.

I've been engrossed in "The Catch Trap" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I've been reading erotic and gay literature for the past few months to get a better feel for handling sexuality and relationships in my own writing. "The Catch Trap" and "The Front Runner" by Patricia Neil Warren were recommended to me as early LGBT literature along with "The Charioteer" which is well known and which I still haven't found on e-book, although I keep looking. I'm almost 1000 pages into "The Catch Trap" of 1500 pages and I hate anything that forces me to put the book down. I know her writing from other books of hers that I've enjoyed for many, many years, but hadn't heard of this one. Even though it is early Zimmer Bradley, it doesn't disappoint. The characters are deep and conflicted in ways that would be reasonable. The timeframe, research, and attitudes of that time of history ring true. Generally, I highly recommend it if you are looking for something different to read.

This poster from 1890 shows several trapeze moves under the canvas of the "Big Top".

I also noticed that Barnes & Noble dropped the prices on their NookColor (the style of E-reader that I used) as well as their two NookTablet versions by up to $50. All I can say is if you are in the market for an E-reader, I love my NookColor, use it every day and have for more than 1-1/2 years, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have if you're curious. There's just something wonderful about carrying more than 200 books in the palm of my hand and using it to compose original fiction on, surf the web, and listen to music are just extras, but very nice extras. Well...time waits for no woman and it's time for me to dive into my day. Have a great one!
Who wrote the Charioteer? Is that it's full name?

I can do my yahoo-fu and see about locating one, hopefully on the cheap (legal not stolen) but I needs more info. Too many "come alongs" on a general search. :/

Errands sound like hell; hope it's budgeted in! (prolly not cuz these things never are LOL )

Edit, never mind found her
Library copies in St Paul
Not your zip I'm sure but you can change it.
Amazon market has used copies for like 4.00 plus ship.

Am now working on finding you an ebook.

Stand by for (hopefully) good news. :)

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I have the book in paper, but I want it in ebook. If you do find it, I'm in your debt. I've been looking for a copy in e-book for a month on and off. I'm just not as fond of paper books, they are much harder for my "aging" eyes to read. LOL

- Erulisse (one L)
I was just going to comment back.

I did find an ebook of sorts, I think it's more audio than electronic.

Seems it needs some special license to open the file. I downloaded it to see what it contained and it was mostly Realmedia type files and data. Not sure if you have a license for visually impaired books or not. Humph. I guess the thing to do would be to hit Amazon and click "want in Kindle"... I did check Google books, but as it's 1959 they only have "snippet" views, nothing usable. I did also see a lead in to a torrent, but ... well, yeah. Only for the brave or the desperate. (Won't even look from here at work as our security for the computer is stupid and we don't need viruses. @.@)

I know - it'a amazingly difficult, isn't it? It was easier for me to get all 12 volumes of HoME than it is turning out to be for one small book. I'll continue the hunt though. There are more and more books in e-format every day :-)

thanks for looking *hugs*

- Erulisse (one L)