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Thinking About Wi-Fi

 I am a security fiend. I have never put Wi-Fi routers in my systems, either at the shop or at home, because I know that they are easier to crack, even if you have them locked with good password protection. But I am finding more and more uses for a Wi-Fi network instead of a wired one, and am thinking about perhaps switching over. It's not that there aren't plenty of Wi-Fi systems out there that are open for public use. The coffeeshop next door to me, my local McDonald's and Caribou Coffee, all of the bookstores, and so many other locations are generally available. So why would I feel the need to cut the wires? I'm still not sure about it...I'm just contemplating it. But it might be a good move for me in 2011 so I'll start researching it, discuss it with my computer guru when I speak to him about a new computer later in 2011, and see if I truly need to go wireless. There are many plusses to doing so, but there are also many minuses, so caution is the name of the game.

Wi-Fii Hot Spot

I'm not really sure where this Wi-Fi location is,
but I don't think I'll trust it for secure transactions.

I'm back to a normal schedule now, finally caught up on my backlog of Email, etc. I have pity for all of my friends on the East Coast who got totally pounded yesterday with snows that are more common for my part of the country. This just seems to be a year of horrid weather. Add in the floods in California and in Australia, and you're got weather gone wild. Well, the world is supposed to self-destruct sometime within the next two years - Arda Marred readying itself for the Final Battle. Is this truly what will happen? It's not possible to say for sure, and we still need to plan for a long-term future because we are humans, and that's what we do. But it is possible. Endings are always possible. And if that is the case and things do end within a couple of years, I hope that I can look back over my life and be happy with what I accomplished in it. It is my hope that you will also be able to do so. If not....well...what can you do to change this?
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