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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Congratulations to all of the athletes yesterday. Great Britain won a well-deserved gold in Equestrian. They've been wiping up the field in all of the equestrian events but this one was very special because not only was Germany unable to get the gold, they were actually closed out of the medals completely! Very rare! Gold was also won by the US Women's soccer team, Usain Bolt (amazing speed in an incredible Jamaican sweep of the 200 meter), Ashton Eaton and his teammate won Gold/Silver in decathalon, the women's water polo team from the US won Gold, and Claressa Shields won our first Gold in women's boxing for the US. I caught the first bits of rhythmic gymnastics - so spectacular and beautiful, and of course the finals of women's platform diving - spectacular. What a great day for Olympics!

On Project Runway, what a mix-up and mess. Andrea left during the night, stealing away like a thief in the darkness. Kooan also walked away, although he waited until everyone was in the workroom to announce it and leave. To make up the numbers they brought Raul back but he won't be there for long. The ideas are good but the execution isn't. The challenge to make something that would work for an on-the-go woman to wear both to work and after on the town, brought out some really beautiful designs. Sonjia won for a really lovely dress, and Buffi was voted off (yippee!).

Bye-bye Buffi. You couldn't sew and your designs were less than divine.

The plumber was here yesterday from 8:00 am until about 5:30 pm, didn't even take a lunch break, and worked really hard. My DH now has a new toilet - sparkling white and water saving (yippee - a green machine). My bathtub is now useable, something that hasn't been the case for many, many years. His sink now has flowing water! The water heater can limp along for a while (thank goodness) and then we come to my bathroom. Sigh. I have a very unusual sink and the faucet was broken. A while back we turned off the cold water pipe because the faucet didn't stop dripping and we couldn't get to the washer to replace it. Apparently that's a problem with this style all around. At the end of the day, after trying several possible solutions, we ended up trying to find a new sink and faucet. I bought a lovely faucet in a brushed nickle finish, but I need the sink in an almond color and that's not stock, I have to order it and it will take two weeks to arrive. The plumber will be back at 10:00 am today to finish the job and if they have an almond sink that will fit the space, great. But if not, I'll have to order this one and the plumber will have to come back the week of the 27th.

That cuts things close on time because my BFF Sharon arrives for her annual trip to the State Fair on the 30th. Right now, the guest bathroom is what I'm using as my own until I have a functional sink and that can't continue when someone else is using it, so things need to move along quickly. I'll get the sink ordered today if the plumber doesn't have an appropriately-sized sink in almond at hand. Such a saga!
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