engarian (engarian) wrote,

Poetry and Whirlwinds

Maxine Kumin wrote a lovely poem called In the Moment from her book of poems Where I Live, and when I read it this morning on my daily poetry reading, I was struck by the following lines that I share with you.

...Dogs live in the moment, pursuing

that brilliant dragonfly called pleasure.
Only we, sunstruck in this azure

day, must drag along the backpacks
of our past, must peer into the bottom muck

of what's to come, scanning the plot
for words that say another year, or not.

These words speak to me so clearly. When I add them to a cartoon that I've had posted in my office for several years that features a running dog and the legend: "All animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it. - Samuel Butler" it screams out at me. But we don't live our lives in isolation, and we don't live our lives in the moment. We interact with others, sharing our hopes, dreams, lives and homes. We plan for the future, we reminisce about our past, and we very rarely truly live in the now. It's very hard to do.

Because we have the plumber coming tomorrow, and because he will be working in all of the bathrooms, the kitchen, and possibly changing our water heater, DH cleaned house yesterday. It needs it, desperately, but he attacks housecleaning like a military campaign with organized forays and set goals. He had the day off yesterday, and he really accomplished a lot. It is my job today to continue this work, so I'll have to push some personal projects off a day or two to accomplish it. He tidied, threw out trash, recycled boxes and plastic, reglued wallpaper that we had falling down, generally, things look a lot better this morning than they did yesterday. I have to continue cleaning the den. I want that room complete by the end of the afternoon, and then we'll both tackle the kitchen tonight. That's a chore. We've already thrown away several bags of trash and have more being worked on. It's stage one, but we really have a long way to go. I'm happy, though. As frustrating as he may be, this is a big step and it is in the right direction :-) Have a fabulous day!
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